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Coding System (Description)

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Coding System

Viaccess 2.6, 3.0, and 4.0

Encoding partially hacked. Most recently swept the information on the internet about the fact that hackers managed to reveal the encoding algorithm. Pirate by could see the packets as French Bis, Italian SCT, Arabic sports package Al Jazeera Sport. All of these packages are planning to move to Viaccess 4.0, "NTV-Plus" for example is already using this coding system.


This coding system has long broken, and now, watching TV illegally remaining in this kodirovkel.
If you look at the overall list of channels covered by this system, the "soul rejoices." But do not be fooled. Illegal view of most of these channels is not possible. Introduced so-called "tunneling" coding system.

Nagravision 2

Encoding hacked. But under the "burglary" must understand that known coding algorithm and the provider already has almost no capacity to fight.
In this case, the situation is different. Correct to speak of "breaking" the official map.
Spanish hacker group found a way to read information from a modification of the official maps. These cards were used and for the Spanish version of "Nagravision 2" (Armagedon), and for the German version of this coding system "Aladin". Even part of the official maps on "Polsat" were made on the basis of such cards.
This information is sold to manufacturers of illegal cards, and they quickly set up the production of any "serebryanok", "felt boots," etc.

Later came the opportunity to view these channels on receivers with emulators.

"Polsat" and "Premiere" about two years ago gave up the encoding.
On looking for is in the coding system is c izvesnyh package Digi TV, and TV Globo.

Nagravision 3

In this encoding packet switched TV Cabo (Hispasat, 30w) and a package of Polsat (Hotbird, 13Е), as to them shall soon will join the package Digi TV (Thor, 0.8w). With sharinga view is possible.


It appears that this coding system is really broken. However, the keys on the Internet did not appear on the packages of channels. Maybe there are some modifications to the coding system, or is it due to some economic considerations hackers. Definite interest two pornokanala Hustler TV Europe (PG) and Blue Hustler Europe (PB).
With the Russian channel soundtrack is "Romantica 2", with its endless "soap" soap operas, and Disney Channel with children's cartoons.

Videoguard (NDS)

The encoding is not compromised. The German "Premiere" is passed to this coding system Nagravision 2.
The system is such that when a user subscribes to a package of broadcasting in Videoguard give him a receiver with a secret number and the card, the card and receiver kakby tied to each other and to the other receiver, it will not work.

1 Mediaguard (Seca)

Not only interesting channels left in the coding system. Amos is the satellite sports channel Sport2 - codes it is on the Internet.

This is the "hardware" version coding. Small software, install into a receiver or a module, in the presence of keys, provides decoding channels. Key length is not large, it is possible to calculate their simple search options. On one of the Russian forums there is a group of enthusiasts who click these codes as nuts.
In the Internet there are codes. On the Ukrainian channels are: TET, Inter, Kiev ...


The Russian system of coding "Rosscrypt" not hacked. Designed it back in the 70's in the Soviet Union in one of the secret "NII" Committee for State Security, was put into operation only at the moment.
The block size is 64-bit keys, then try selecting codes simple search, it is "dead issue."


There were real cases of hacking, but now the key to it nonstandard. It is also part of the porn channels are encoded ....

Neotion SHL, Dreamcrypt, KeyFly, Firecrypt

These encodings are commonly used porn channels to enable the user to open them using the Conditional Access Modules (CAM) or special receivers.


The most powerful and complex coding. It was invented in the United States, mainly used for military or cable networks. There is still more difficult than even in Videoguard. In this encoding such AFN broadcast package with HOT BIRD, this pack is specially made for the military of the United States who arrive outside the country. The only open channel in this package is the Pentagon TV, Channel American propaganda, but it's fun - you can look for the interest.

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