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News about the TVS and other technologies

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New TV: just leaning against the wall.

Traditional placement of large televisions in the apartment a little: hang on the wall or placed on a stand. But not the new model Philips DesignLine, you can even lean against the wall. However, new items of interest not only unusual design

When it comes to choosing a place in the apartment for a new LCD TV with a huge diagonal, we usually face a choice of the two most common options - to set it on a stand or cabinet to the media center, or hang on the wall.

This year, TP Vision, which produces TVS Philips, introduced a new range of DesignLine a fundamentally new in appearance. Now you can simply lean against the wall.

In the design of TVS Philips DesignLine respects the fundamental direction of the nuances of fashion today, minimalist design. Externally TV looks like a one-piece glass panel, which color gradually from black to transparent. When switched off, it can be easily mistaken for a square sheet of tinted glass.

On the front panel of the unit is useless to look for any buttons, they are all on the remote control, and even on both sides. Please note: The remote control for the models Philips DesignLine one of the few bundled equipped with a full keyboard for entering information.

TV Philips DesignLine Smart LED TV generation 2013 comes in two diagonal screen, 46 and 55 inches. In addition to the elegant appearance, these TVS are able to please the user a number of new useful technologies. First, a new efficient dual-core image processor Philips Perfect Pixel HD, one of the interesting features of which is the ability to customize each pixel "pictures" to achieve clean images with minimal noise. Another patented feature of Phillips, intermediate conversion Perfect Motion Rate, at the expense of recoding frame rate of 1400 Hz and an interim analysis of a fast-moving objects, provides clear images even in very dynamic developments on the screen.

Micro Dimming function and Local Contrast responsible for "richness" picture and realistic color saturation of the image, and the active 3D-technology Easy 3D Clarity 700 with adjustable 3D depth and 2D to 3D conversion will enjoy watching movies as Full HD 3D. TVS are compatible with 3D-glasses PTA417, PTA416 and PTA426, game 3D-glasses PTA436. Additionally also supports full-screen mode for two players.

Enhances the effect of watching an improved external three-way LED-backlight Ambilight XL, which illuminates the wall behind the TV tint, depending on the nature of the content being played, reducing eye strain and thus creating additional comfort.

Among the technical features of new products should note the presence tuner DVB-C MPEG2, DVB-C MPEG4, DVB-T MPEG2, DVB-T MPEG4, DVB-T2, playback NTSC, PAL, and SECAM, five ports HDMI. Supported containers AVI, MKV, H264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9/VC1, audio AAC, MP3, WMA v2 up to v9.2, image JPEG.

TV Philips DesignLine Smart LED TV supports a wide list of features Class Smart TV. New items are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi-module and an Internet connection. Remote control, in addition to the enhanced keyboard also has a function pointer.

Through the integration of Wi-Fi can lead to stream content to the TV screen with laptops, tablets and smartphones, thanks to technology DLNA 1.5 and the availability of applications Philips MyRemote, Wi-Fi Miracast and SimplyShare. With their help it is possible to transmit a video stream from the main TV to the secondary one.

Line TV Philips DesignLine, established companies TPV Technology and Royal Philips Electronics based on the latest technological developments, has become the embodiment of a particular concept, when advanced technology must match the refined design. The main idea behind the design Philips DesignLine, is that consumer electronics should organically fit into the interior and complement the idea of the aesthetic preferences of the owner.

It remains to add that the supply of TV Philips DesignLine in Russia and Europe will begin in the near future.

Мой телевизор: Samsung CS - 21Z57ZQQ

Мой ресивер: Orton 4100CL+RF (з модулятором)

Мои спутники: 4°W,5°W,4.8°E,7°E,13°E,19.2°E


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