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Имидж для Xtrend ET-9000: Egami 1.1 (кириллица на дисплее)

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EGAMI 1.1 ET-9000

- Image based on OE 1.6
- Kernel 2.6.18-7.4
- Drivers 27.06.2011
- Most of USB Wifi Dongles should works
- Most of USB Tuners - DVB-C / DVB-T / DVB-S2 should works - UP to 2 dongles !

What's new ???
- Image include latest Front Processor
- image include latest Bootloader
- Latest Drivers
-increase framebuffer acceleration memory size
-always downmix audio on analog outputs
-support /proc/stb/fp/was_timer_wakeup (needs frontpanel update)
-vcr SCART detection fix
-VFD improvements
-VFD: support greek and cyrillic charsets
-VFD: support additional symbols (see /proc/stb/lcd/*)
-pcm playback improvements
-sci improvements
-DVD Menu works OK - from ISO files also
- Latest GUI
- Latest GUI-Plugins
- Added AC3+ / Dolby Digital + Support
- Added zapUp /zapDown -> LEFT / RIGHT arrow
- Added default cable.xml - thx pr2
- Added in FileManager option to play file by file -> most types of mulimedia files ( e.x 001.mts, 002.mts, 003.mts - You don't need to play one by one, it will be play from 1-3 )
- Added in File Manager to make fast jump to / direcotry in Flash
- Added in Mount Manager option to mount by UDP and TCP
- Added animated pixmaps when We press RED to start CAM
- Added in Decoding Setup -> Option to disable CI messages
- Added Subtitles Menu on Subtitiles Button
- Added Sleep Timer Menu on Timer Button
- Added *.MTS extensions in MediaPlayer
- Added Videoenhacement Plugin
- Added EGAMI BackUp Manager -> You can backup/ restore EGAMI - You can install new egami, run this plugin and it will install things like emu, configs, plugins, etc...

This tool allows You to flash by latest EGAMI Image but Keep Your favorite things inside !!!

- Updated skin by Mimi
- Updated French language by Mimi
- Updated French language CrossEPG by Mimi
- Fixed removing files from FLASH by EGAMI File Manager
- Fixed Software Manager -> Install Local IPK
- Fixed Marker
- Fixed Button SAVE in FileManager Settings
- Fixed Uninstaller SoftCams fixes ( killing before removing, if running softcam is removed, fall back to Common interface mode, if user remove other softcam, running softcam is still running )
- Fixed SoftCams change- it is 2 times faster now :)

Имидж для Xtrend ET-9000: Egami 1.1 (кириллица на дисплее)
Имидж для Xtrend ET-9000: Egami 1.1 (кириллица на дисплее)
Имидж для Xtrend ET-9000: Egami 1.1 (кириллица на дисплее)
Имидж для Xtrend ET-9000: Egami 1.1 (кириллица на дисплее)
Имидж для Xtrend ET-9000: Egami 1.1 (кириллица на дисплее)
Имидж для Xtrend ET-9000: Egami 1.1 (кириллица на дисплее)

Installed Plugins:
- HDMI-CEC Support
- BLIND SCAN Support
- Videoenhacement Plugin
- Web Interface
- MyTube Player
- FAN Setup
- OSD 3D Setup
- OSD Position setup
- Cross EPG SVN 300

Buttons Mapping:

OK button = LITE SKIN ( need to be turned on on GREEN PANEL -> EXTRAS -> OSD SETTINGS )
OK button x 2 = Extra Info Skin
Blue button = EGAMI Blue Panel
Blue button and then Yellow button = INFO Panel
Blue button and then Blue button = EGAMI Settings
Blue button long press = Extensions
Yellow button = Time Shift
Green button = EGAMI Green Panel
Green button long press = Subservices
Green button and then Red button = ADDONS
Green button x 2 = EGAMI Settings
Green button and then Yellow button = FILE MANAGER
Green button and Blue button = SCRIPTS
Button Red = EPG List
Button PIP = Turn ON / OFF PIP
Button PIP long press = PiP Menu - Move/Switch Windows

- CAM Name
- NEXT EVENT INFO ( in channel list !! )
- AnalogicClock renderrer
- Lite and Full infobar skin

much, much and more...

Egami Panel include:
- Green button and then Red button takes You to EGAMI ADDONS MANAGER
--> Download Egami Addons - Download extensions from Egami Server
--> Manual Egami Addons Install - Install packages from /tmp
--> Remove Egami Addons - Remove installed packages
--> Download GUI Addons - Download CVS Extensions
--> User Addons - Here You can install extensions from Your own server ( put in /etc/user_addon.txt url to catalog: example:
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- 2x Green button takes You to EGAMI Extras

--> Kernel Modules Manager - start/stop kernel modules
--> Devices Manager - here You can easily mount/map/format/settings Your extra memory storages like HDD, USB. REMEMBER TO MOUNT HDD BEFORE RECORDING !!!
--> Services Panel - here You can Start/Stop/Check Status/Setting up:
+ NFS Server
+ Inadyn
+ Cron
+ DjMount ( UPnP Client )
+ uShare ( UPnP Server )
+ Syslog
+ Samba
+ OpenVPN
+ telnet
+ Pcscd

--> Mount manager - here You can mount Your networks share - CIFS/NFS
--> Decoding Setup - You can disable some messages like eg. "Show Tune failed info?"
--> Swap File settings - make Your swap file
--> OSD Settings - Here You are able to Turn ON / OFF options like: Lite Skin, Orbital position, cam name, provider, crypt info in Infobar, Pernamental Clock, Picons and much much more...
--> Stream Information - Get PAT/CAT/NIT/EIT/ECM Info
--> USB Wifi & Tuner Dongles Setup - in this panel You can easily see what kind of Wifi or Tuner ( DVB-C/t/s2 ) you have connected to box and load drivers. The most complete info ever: Manfacturer, Vendor ID, ProID

- Green button and then Yellow button run EGAMI FILE MANAGER

--> You can Move/Copy/Remove/Rename Your files inside Your Box !
--> You can Create New Directory/New Text File/New Symlink !
--> You can change Permission of the files !
--> You can play all movies and music directly from Egami File Manager !
--> You can watch Your pictures from holiday directly from Your USB dongles by Egami File Manager !
--> You can start SHELL scripts
--> You can start PYTHON scripts
--> You can view most type of files by pressing OK
--> 1st EVER - You can download Subtitles to Your movies stored inside your HDD - it finds subtitles exacly to version of the movie You have ! - available languages - ENGLISH, POLISH - more will come SOON...

- Green button and then Blue button run EGAMI Scripts Panel
--> You can run all scripts from /usr/scripts/
--> You can easily add new scripts to /usr/scripts/NAME_smartscript.sh and it will be visible in Scripts Panel

Thanks to the group of Beta Testers.
Thanks to Rytec for providing us with the server with all EPG.dat files.
Thanks to SiF Team for the nicest EPG plugin ever - CrossEPG
Thanks to Skaman from SiF Team for extuner and usbloader

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Сегодня взял 9000-ку. Этот софт по моему мнению самый ходовой для этого реса. Протестировал все софты - остановился на этом. К тому же тут кирилица на морде.

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Вышла новая версия Эгами 1.2 -


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Cказали Спасибо: 1 : maxya
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Вышла новая версия софта для ET-9000 скачать можно здесь WW Tech Club

Description: Improved OSD info in Infobar for OSCam
- Improved HDMI-CEC driver ( thx to openstb git owner ) - now it is fully working HDMI CEC
- Improved EGAMI File Manager - now it corretly PLAY .VOB files, some of them need to be PAUSED and then RESUMED to get playing...
- Fixed WebInterface ( movie list )
- Fixed some "greenscreens" in File Manager
- Fixed MyTube
- Added EgamiBoot 1.0 - multiboot plugin
- Added Image version info in Menu->Informations->About
- Added Image version info on Bootlogos

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06:05 - Т/с "Двойная жизнь", 1-5 с.
11:50 - Т/с "Двойная жизнь", 6-10 с.
17:30 - "Викна-Новости".
Футбол 1
05:30 - "LaLiga Chronicles". Чемпионат Испании.
05:50 - Анонсы + программа передач.
06:00 - Бавария - Селтик. Лига чемпионов.
05:25 - Гражданская оборона.
06:30 - Утро в большом городе.
06:45 - Факты.
Кинопремьера HD
05:10 - Х/ф "Любой ценой".
06:55 - Х/ф "Телохранитель".
08:30 - Х/ф "Таймлесс 3: Изумрудная книга".
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